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Whitewater Rafting Forges Bonds Stronger than the Rapids

November 19th, 2022

Colorado River Rafting is a Trip

Visualize the boat’s brow cutting through the swirling, surging water; the sun sparkling on the frothy waves, making tiny rainbows; the abrupt lurch of the craft, as the surging waves suddenly shift direction. The adrenalin is pumping, all senses alert, with nature working overtime to orchestrate a thrill you’ll never forget. That’s what most people think a raft trip entails, but there’s much more going on. Your connection with the other rafters forms a matchless adventure that won’t be forgotten.

Rafting down the Arkansas River on the rushing snowmelt from 14,000 feet peaks is exciting – no doubt about it. But the trip is still safe enough for a family vacation. River rafting in Colorado combines thrilling rapids with quiet stretches, where rafters can take in the spectacular mountain scenery close up. Their mental cameras capture images that will be studied over and over later, once they return home.

Look Past the Surging River and the Drama

There’s one thing even more crucial than the water for making your adventure tour a treasured event. It’s the other people. Some you bring along, like family, friends or group (such as a scout troop). You may think you know each other already, but the time spent on the river forever alters the way you’ll relate back home. That’s the real pay-off from a wilderness adventure. The guides and other rafters also play essential roles in the total experience.

Running a Mobile Car Wash and Truck Cleaning Business in West Memphis, Arkansas

April 22nd, 2022

West Memphis Arkansas is just on the other side of Tennessee and the Mississippi River. It has become a giant distribution hub where to major freeways, one going East and West, and one going north and south meet. This makes it a major Trucking, Barge, and Rail Hub, meaning there is quite a bit of business for a mobile car wash company which specializes in fleet washing. Having previously set up a franchise in Memphis, our crews were often called on the other side of the river to do services.

You see, there are seven major trucking companies which have relay terminals there. Also, there are four or five truck stops, and quite a number of restaurants, hotels, and travel centers. Folks driving their own personal cars often wish to get the bugs off the window, and for a quick $5-$7 exterior only wash, you could have unlimited work merely setting up in the parking lot of a restaurant. If you were to pay the restaurant a small percentage, they would probably enjoy your company being there.

The large trucking depots are also an excellent place to clean vehicles, especially if you don’t mind cleaning over the road trucks. There are a couple of truck washes in the area, one a nationwide chain, and another privately owned, and they always have a line of trucks waiting. Setting up a deal with one of the truck stops might also be a smart idea, as these are some of the biggest truck stops, and the busiest in the country.

There are challenges with labor supply in this region, as most of the labor comes from rural parts of Arkansas nearby, or over the bridge and Tennessee. Because of this it may be important to pick up your labor supply across the river, pick them up at the bus stop, or have them meet you somewhere. One challenge we found right away was that many of the trucking companies would try to recruit our workers to come work for them driving trucks.

Believe it or not, even in a down economy the trucking companies need more drivers, and when times are very good they can never get enough, and therefore, that is something to think about as well. Also, you may have to hire workers and pay them $10 an hour or more, but of course as long as they’re working hard that shouldn’t be a problem.